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Chicken-Chile Soup

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Pastured chicken is simmered with mixed summer squash from Riverdog Farm and green chard from Feral Heart Farm in Sunol, in a mild broth infused with pasilla and guajillo chiles. We finish it with cilantro, epazote and a hint of lime. This soup is perfect with avocado slices, grated cheese or a dollop of our Piima or Yogurt Cream. Adding a few tortilla chips (try cutting strips of fresh Semillera corn tortillas and pan-frying them in TSH Lard) and you have a nutritious version of Tortilla Soup.

Ingredients: pastured chicken and bone broth, summer squash, onions, celery, chard, tomato paste, cilantro, garlic, Allstar Applewood Smoked Salt, dried pasilla & guajillo chiles, lime juice, Celtic sea salt, epazote, oregano, coconut oil, lime zest, smoked paprika, bay leaves, chipotle powder

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

Carolina Gold Rice Grits -- "Reezy" (Vegetarian)

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Plumper and more substantial than the word "grits" usually implies, Carolina Gold rice grits are a Southern classic that are served as a side dish or base for Stewed Sea Island Red Peas to form the old-fashioned regional favorite, "Reezy Peezy." The grits come from Anson Mills, a company dedicated to preserving heritage grains. In our version of Reezy the grits are simmered, drained, rinsed, then buttered with plenty of Straus butter. We recommend reheating and then ladling on plenty of the "Peezy," and serving this with our Green Tomato Chow Chow, the traditional accompaniment.

Ingredients: Anson Mills Carolina Gold rice grits, Straus butter, Celtic sea salt

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free and black pepper-free.

Fudge Brownies with Crispy Walnuts (Gluten-free)


Our irresistible gluten-free brownies are made with plenty of butter and pastured eggs, and our own Crispy Walnuts. Here at the kitchen, we cut the brownies into very small pieces and then sprinkle them with sea salt... Yum!

Ingredients: palm sugar, cocoa powder, Straus butter, Crispy Walnuts (soaked and dehydrated), pastured eggs, potato flour, coconut flour, vanilla extract, Celtic sea salt

Recipe is gluten-free and contains butter and nuts.

Cultured Buttermilk Ranch Dressing with Fresh Chervil

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Our housemade mayonnaise and piima milk (a type of buttermilk) are blended with fresh chervil for a wonderful dip or salad dressing.

Ingredients: piima milk, Yogurt Cream, yogurt, olive oil, fresh chervil, parsley, raw pastured egg yolks, lemon juice, Dijon mustard (organic grain vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic spices), garlic, Celtic sea salt, black pepper, white pepper

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free* and contains dairy.

*Recipe contains Dijon mustard which contains grain vinegar which most people consider gluten-free but some do not.